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Aaron is an award winning VR creator whose work has been screened at festivals throughout the world including Cannes, Annecy and SXSW as well as being featured on platforms such as Within and Transport. His experience with interactive installation and immersive storytelling give him a unique understanding of narrative within the VR format. His powerful and emotive work on the 3D 360° video VR experience LoVR has achieved critical acclaim globally.




Paul has over 16 years experience of producing, directing, writing and animating for immersive environments. He has won awards for immersive design and worked on some of the world’s most popular immersive dome documentaries which have inspired millions of people across the world. He is passionate about immersive storytelling across all mediums.  



After a Master II Communication and Media in Assas and a Master II PLA at the Sorbon- ne, Antoine created the production company FATCAT FILMS in 2005. In November 2013, FATCAT FILMS incor- porated the audiovisual group PREMIERE HEURE and became its digital label.
In January 2014, Antoine created a second production company specializing in the pro- duction of content for virtual reality, OKIO STUDIO,
and partnered with leading creative director and technologist Pierre Zandrowicz and Lorenzo Benedetti. OKIO studio created the VR film Alteration, which premiered at Tribeca in 2017, and was officially selected at Cannes and Venice Film Festival 2017.
After 3 years associated at Okio-Studio he sold his shares to Premiere Heure group and created in 2017 the production house Atlas V, entirely dedicated to narrative immersive content (VR/AR/XR).




JILL BASMAJIAN (U.S.) is an independent producer and consultant for VR and AR. She brings to the table over ten years of experience in development and production ranging from independent features, network movies, television series, and as of 2015 immersive content. She learned multifaceted skills from working with the likes of Kasdan Pictures, Disney Channel, ABC Studios, and Kaleidoscope VR. VR’s ability to take you somewhere else has kept her attention and fueled her passion in the immersive space. In 2018 Basmajian produced two experiences that premiered at Sundance, and three VR and AR experiences that premiered at Tribeca.



Lisa’s experience making VESTIGE is incredibly meaningful to her journey of moving through grief, and sharing her message of finding profound beauty and transformation in our darkest moments. A creative director & writer in advertising, magazines, and branding for 20+ years between coasts.


NSC Creative

Developer, UK Production & Co-Producer

NSC Creative is an award-winning studio that specialises in immersive content for XR, Fulldome, Theme Parks and Museums with over 18 years of experience. Heralded globally as innovators of immersion, they have installed immersive experiences in a 1000+ venues across 70 countries in 25 languages. The studio has a wide range of expertise from pre to post production and are able to tackle the immense challenges of any immersive project. Situated at the National Space Centre, UK the studio has extensive experience of producing meaningful media, location based experiential design and captivating diverse, cross-generational audiences via immersive storytelling.



French Production & Co-Producer

// ATLAS V is an immersive studio. The company, built with a team of VR pros / pioneers has one goal, plain and simple: a new form of storytelling. Original. Unheard of. Fascinating.
ATLAS V’s work utilizes Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality allowing every spectator to dive into a new universe, all shapes and colors. Every project will have three outcomes: – Individual digital viewing – Location-based entertainment – Amusement parks – with a scripted narrative and less technical equipment. Who says there is a limited number of dimensions? At the exact junction between the developer’s work and the filmmaker’s touchdown, Atlas V will invent new worlds.
ATLAS V was founded in 2017 by Fred Volhuer, Antoine Cayrol, Pierre Zandrowicz and Arnaud Colinart. Its world class productions have been featured in the most high-profile festivals. The coming-of-age punk animated narrative Battlescar premiered at Sundance 2018. The creative non-fiction Vestige premiered at Tribeca and won the Reflet d’Or for Best immersive Work 2018 at GIFF. The three-chapters series Spheres, created by Eliza McNitt and executively produced by Darren Aronofsky, premiered at Sundance, Tribeca, and finally at Venice, where it proudly carried off the “Best VR” laurels.




Established in 2014, Kaleidoscope is a funding platform for premium VR films, games, and experiences. Stemming from high-profile events around the world, we have built a global network of top VR creators and industry leaders. In the last year, Kaleidoscope has raised nearly $4MM for original virtual reality projects including the SPHERES: Songs of Spacetime, starring Jessica Chastain and executive produced by Darren Aronofsky, which landed the first seven-figure deal for a VR film at Sundance.




RYOT is an Oscar nominated and Emmy award-winning immersive media company specializing in documentaries, branded content, virtual and augmented realities – founded by artists, filmmakers and humanitarians who share a vision of connecting the world through technology. Recently acquired by Oath/Verizon, RYOT is one of the most prolific virtual reality and 360° content studios in the world. As an award-winning documentary production company, RYOT has received numerous accolades for filmmaking, including two Oscar nominations for Best Documentary Short, two Emmy wins, and was a finalist for the 2016 Peabody Awards.

RYOT has been the official selection in 100+ international film festivals , and recently premiered their newest feature documentary at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. RYOT’s work is currently available on HBO, Showtime, Netflix, ESPN, National Geographic, and Hulu. RYOT has produced hundreds of pieces of 360/ VR journalism with partners like the New York Times, NPR, The Associated Press, and HuffPost.




Philadelphia based artist, Starkey isn’t just another talented music producer who has gained universal recognition. Notably one of the first producers to bring the sound of grime to the United States, Starkey’s richly textured production style, classical music background and refined music engineering has earned him a global fan-base as a true inventor of sound.